Educational Methodology

Trintiy was founded precisely to offer a different educational methodology. Our program is based on the following unique characteristics:

  1. Progressive education
  2. Project based learning
  3. Themes
  4. Universal design for learning

The Progressive Education proposes that the objective of the teaching-learning process is the development of skills in the student. It is in contrast to traditional education, which main objective is that students memorize information. In the information age, the main objective of education should be that the student knows how to handle and apply oneself to the challenges that are presented to him, having a positive impact on the world.

The Project Based Learning allows the theory to be put into practice, simultaneously allowing the student to develop skills and incorporate knowledge learned. Projects require practicing skills such as research, creation, presentation, synthesis, analysis, and alternative conflict resolution, thus achieving a higher quality education.

Themes enrich our curricular program by allowing a thematic integration between different subjects. We have 9 themes throughout the year and each one has a common thread that is woven into the planning of all the subjects, deepening the learning that occurs in the projects. In addition, it gives a sense of connection to the learning process at all levels. At the end of each theme, students of different levels share their educational experiences, further enriching their experiences at school.

Universal design for learning suggests that the curricular design, the educational plan that the teachers develop specifically for their classes year after year, responds to the interests and needs of the students who are currently enrolled. The educational process is flexible and dynamic, allowing all students a meaningful and 100% participatory learning process.